Buscador Galican


How shipping costs are calculated:
Shipping costs are calculated depending on the obstacles ordered.
Small items like sandbags can be shipped by courier but obstacles like contact zones, jumps, tunnels, etc, are too big to ship by courier and so they are send by road cargo.
They are determined by the transport company that Galican contracts to carry out the shipment, and include the transport insurance and the packaging (cardboard, pallet, etc.) of the product based on its dimensions, weight, and value.

Transit time:
How long it takes for your order to be delivered will depend on how big the shipment is and how far you are from us, Galican factory is in the NW of Spain and it can take long for the orders to arrive at final destinations like the North of Sweden or Finland, even up to 20 days.
Transit times tend to be shorter to countries like France and Germany, probably 10 to 15 days.
Please note that it is very unlikely for orders to be delivered the same week they leave factory.
The estimated shipping date is determined by Galican and is calculated based on product availability, manufacturing time, etc. It is not an exact shipping date, and it may change. If you need a product for a specific date (sporting event, etc.), we recommend always indicating it at the time of ordering.
The delivery date depends on the external transport company that Galican contracts to deliver the order to the customer at the agreed place. It is the date on which the product is expected to arrive at its destination, but it can also be subject to modifications during the shipment. 

Tracking information:
Online tracking is only available for courier shipments. If your order left by road cargo shipment, you can request further information to logistica@galican.com, you will be provided with contact details of the company that will take care of the final delivery.

Shipments outside the European Union:
In order to process an export to a country outside the EU, client's tax and delivery data is required: Identification Number, Address, Telephone number, Email.
When the product leaves the country of origin, it must go through customs, where the sale is regulated through a series of documentation, such as the Single Administrative Document.
In exports, it is the person or company that buys the product that must be responsible for VAT, paying it at their respective customs office, since the selling company is exempt from paying it in the country of origin.
Overseas transport costs vary every month so please note that shipping cost will be updated prior to shipping, differences are not significant usually but some adjustment may be needed.