Buscador Galican

Reception of your order

To avoid any unpleasant issues during and after reception of the goods, make sure you follow the simple steps stated below, they are required for any delivery claims.

In all cases, delivery conditions are subject to the time frame of the shipping company and local holidays. Galican is not responsible for any delays that derive from the shipping company or from the client.

Despite using high quality packaging material and being cautions and careful when wrapping your order, unfortunately, it can happen that you don’t receive your order in the conditions you expect.
All orders are shipped with full insurance but some steps are to be followed in order for claims to be accepted by insurance company:

  • If the order seems to be in good condition and no damages are visible, follow these steps:

    - Count the packages received and check if the total number of packages is the one stated in the delivery note of the driver
    - Sign the delivery note of the driver indicating:
       . Name and surname
       . Write ”With reservations”
    . Quantity of packages received
       . Date and time of delivery
  • If you notice that the cartons are damaged (a dent, scratch or bump on the box, etc.), follow these steps:
    - If you choose to refuse the delivery:
    . Write down on the delivery note of the driver the damage and reason why you won’t receive the goods
    . Indicate name and surname, date and time of delivery attempt
    . Indicate the quantity of packages rejected
  • - If you choose to accept the delivery:
    . Clearly indicate in the delivery note of the driver the damages on the goods
    . Write an email to logistica@galican.com within the following three days, attaching:
      . A picture of the delivery note of the driver where the damages where described
      . Pictures of the damaged boxes on the truck (if possible) when being unloaded
      . Pictures of the boxes open, pictures of the damaged goods

Important: Keep the original cartons and pallets in case the goods have to be returned to our warehouse. Galican is not responsible for damages derived from goods returned in other packaging conditions.